September 29, 2022 | 10:32 pm
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The Baseline: The Last Dance Episodes 7 & 8

For the basketball-starved public, ESPN is providing a pseudo fix with the release of The Last Dance. This in-depth look at Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls is nostalgia, history and greatness all rolled into a ten-episode ride. The Baseline boys figured it was only right to do after shows on this engaging content that has fascinated the basketball community. We will be taking a look each Sunday after the episodes drop. This week we dive into episodes seven and eight which feature:

Leadership style & Motivation

  • Jordan was known as someone who was tough on his teammates.  He notoriously bullied Scott Burrell and even punched Steve Kerr in the eye. Despite the outcomes was his style a product of the era? Still, he never asked someone to do something he wouldn’t do himself.
  • Jordan was famous for fabricating reasons for motivation. We highlight the LaBradford Smith and George Karl incidents and he overblew those situations to gain a competitive edge.
  • Competiton was war and he always wanted to be prepared for the ultimate battles in the playoffs.

Michael Jordan‘s relationship with his father James

  • James Jordan was an incredible influence on Michael
    • James was Michael’s best friend, a trait all parents wish they could accomplish with their children
    • James got Michael right in high school and Michael never got in a trouble again
    • James used to bring kids from the stands to meet his son after games
  • The murder of his father, in essence, solidified Michael’s decision to retire the first time
    • Media scrutiny in Michael’s potential role as the cause of his father’s death

Retirement/Baseball/His return to the NBA

  • Jordan’s eternal love for baseball and the connection the game brought for him and his father
  • Birmingham Barrons became the stage for Jordan’s baseball career as a means to be able to host the media attention
  • It was the pending baseball strike and his appreciation to the professionals in MLB that led Mike back to the NBA and his infamous “I’m back” quote via fax
  • Was it realistic to expect Jordan to lead a Bulls team to the finals after 18 months away from the game?
  • Jordan’s incredible career is rooted in the losses and failures he’s endured
    • The loss to Orlando Magic highlighted by Horace Grant and Nick Anderson sparked the dominance of the next three Jordan championship runs.
  • While filming Space Jam, the studio built the Jordan Dome which became his personal workout facility and the home of some epic summer runs which he used for scouting.

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