October 5, 2022 | 5:56 pm
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The Baseline: Warriors and Pacers Autopsy Reports

The NBA has reached the most exciting time of the season as the play-in tournament concluded making way for the playoffs. While we can go with the flow we love going against the grain as well. While we will be touching on the playoffs in a variety of ways on social media this week’s show will start our coveted autopsy report series along with some other great content including:

News and Notes

Autopsy Reports:

Golden State Warriors

  • Stephen Curry‘s magical season didn’t amount to a playoff birth. Where does this team find offense in the future?
  • Will Klay Thompson‘s return be enough to bring the team into contention?
  • Are Kelly Oubre and Andrew Wiggins long-term options to round out the team’s depth?
  • How much pressure should the team put on James Wiseman when he returns?
  • Is or should Steve Kerr‘s days be numbered?

Indiana Pacers


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