September 28, 2022 | 6:50 pm
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The Baseline with Bonzi Wells

We’re taking a short break from our autopsy reports for a very special reason. Why? You ask. Well, this episode features retired NBA player, Bonzi Wells, well-known for speaking his mind and telling the truth. The former Ball State star spent ten years in the league on various teams but is most famous for his year’s on the Portland Trail Blazers. “The Bonz” took time out of his busy schedule  to discuss the following:

Face Time with The Baseline:

  • The difference between his era of basketball and the current generation
  • Life as a high school basketball coach
  • His friendship with guys like Rasheed Wallace and Zach Randolph
  • The struggles of being labeled a “Jail Blazer”
  • Politics of the NBA and why he’s never looked to get into the front office of an organization
  • What happened during his time with the Big 3
  • Learning from Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson
  • Starting his podcast, Let’s Get Technical. with Rasheed and Gerald Brown
  • Thoughts on the NBA bubble and its overall safety
  • Would he go if he were currently in the league
  • Why this year’s champion will be the winner of the ‘Corona Chip’
  • Which team would his style of play best fit
  • The true meaning behind his nickname of Bonzi

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