September 27, 2022 | 3:03 am
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The Baseline with Danyel Surrency Jones from Powerhandz

The Baseline NBA podcast continues to evolve and tell the stories of those in and around the sports ecosystem. Five years ago we connected with the then startup company Powerhandz as they entered the basketball training space.

On this week’s show, Powerhandz CEO, Danyel Surrency Jones, returns to the show to give us an update on the brand’s growth and more in the first official edition of Branded. We borrow the Powerhandz slogan “Train with purpose” and give it a twist by telling a story with purpose in our new series as we discuss:

  • How Powerhandz has grown to be a global brand in six years of operation
    • The company is featured in big-box retailers like Target and Wal-Mart while having a footprint internationally in the Philippines, Netherlands, Africa and more.
  • Growth in the COVID era
    • As professional athletes and regular people were forced to stay at home, training and self-improvement took center stage. Powerhandz was ready to take charge and has seen sales grow since the pandemic.
  • A robust affiliate program continues to expand
    • Well-known names like Andre Ward, Irv Roland, Abdel Nader and almost 400 others round out the roster
  • Life as a Black female CEO
    • How she’s accepted the challenging responsibility and help others grow
    • The brand has spoken out on social injustice and racial issues
    • Helping their affiliates expand the business while responding to today’s social climate became paramount
    • Danyel’s TEDx the Black Elephant in the Room
  • Her role as a mom, wife, daughter and mentor
  • Powerhandz foundation and voting rights
    • The Power to Give is the official foundation of the business
    • The organization is looking to educate at the local and national level about the impact of voting
  • Boxing, mixed martial arts and football as the brand’s new bread and butter behind basketball 
  • The fellas share a unique bond with the inspiring CEO as they all went to UCF

A jam-packed episode full of inspirational antidotes. Tune in

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