September 29, 2022 | 10:31 pm
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The Baseline with iSlide’s CEO Justin Kittredge

As an attempt to provide balance amidst all of the social issues permeating in the county, The Baseline NBA Podcast releases an episode recorded before the tension boiled over. We channeled the spirit of the entrepreneur and spoke with Justin Kittredge, President and CEO of iSlide. We discuss:

  • Justin’s career in the sneaker industry
  • How and why iSlide began
  • The brand’s early struggles
  • The power of perseverance and believing in yourself as business owner and entrepreneur
  • Isaiah Thomas becoming one of the first NBA player’s to get behind the brand
  • The art of customization and how iSlide makes it easy for customers
  • Jae Crowder becoming an investor
  • Licensing pitches and securing deals with not just the NBA but the NFL, MLB, NHL and more
  • The technology that makes iSlide comfortable and a favorite of various celebrities and athletes
  • Which celebrity or athlete he’s like to get to wear iSlides the most
  • His favorite pair of iSlides ever

He’s that guy and we’re glad to have had some Facetime with him on the latest edition of The Baseline. Download and Discuss with US

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