November 29, 2022 | 12:27 am
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Under Armour releases CURRY 3ZER0

The defending NBA MVP, Stephen Curry has had an amazing season and he continues to be a media darling off the floor. Last year his signature shoe from Under Armour launched the company into elite territory in the kicks game. There is no quit in Curry and certainly no quit in the fire Under Armour releases. The brand continues to make waves with their new kicks debuting the Curry 3ZERO. Under Armour released the following regarding their lead athlete’s signature shoe:

Under Armour debuted the latest evolution of Stephen Curry’s signature shoe, the Curry 3ZER0. As his game grows, so do his shoes, and the Curry 3ZER0 encapsulates everything that makes him and his game the best in basketball.

Built to provide the pinnacle in lightweight protection technology, some feature tech highlights of the shoes include:


The mesh upper is reinforced for maximum protection.


An adjustable heel support in the shoe keeps your foot in place.

·       CUT QUICK

The CURRY 3ZER0’s lateral wing plate stabilizes you in every direction that you move.

In short – the Curry 3ZER0 is made to perform at world-class standards, which is what Stephen will be doing in these shoes as he wears them throughout the 2017 NBA Playoffs and STARES DOWN DESTINY.

These kicks go hard make sure you go get yours on April 15th just in time for the playoffs.

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