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What kind of mouth guard should you get for basketball?

Basketball is one of the most exciting games if you are well prepared to play the sport. Some negligence on the correct uniform and protection can cause you serious dental injuries. Thus, it is always wise to play it smart. More and more basketball players are relying on a mouthguard in their games to protect the damage to their face. The confusion lies in how to buy a mouthguard for playing this competitive sport.

Teeth are one of the most essential parts of our body without which you would not be able to eat properly and even smile confidently. We spend so much time in brushing and flossing and so we cannot afford to lose our pearly whites during the course of a game. It really costs a lot to get the treatment done at the dental clinic if anything goes wrong. The protection of teeth is very important in a basketball game.

What kind of Mouthguard should I get for basketball?

Before choosing a mouthguard you must check certain factors that are essential for the purchase. These qualities if found must take you to the decision of buying the mouthguard for your game immediately. Your basketball mouthguard should be;

  • Comfortable to wear – You surely do not wish to wear anything that distracts your goal from playing the game.
  • Comfortable in speaking – You should wear a mouth guard that makes it easy and convenient for you to coordinate and communicate with your team players.
  • Comfortable in breathing – Mouthguard should be comfortable in breathing else you would not be able to run on the playground and even jump with ease.
  • Tear-resistant – Cheap quality mouth guards tear apart sooner and affect your game sessions in between.
  • Durable – Your mouthguard should protect your mouth for extended periods and keep you safe from any sort of injuries during basketball games.
  • Washable – Easily washable and easy maintenance.
  • Flexible – Flexible to help you communicate, walk, run, and jump with no discomfort.
  • Comfortable in fitting – It should fit you properly so that you can play the game with ease.

For some basketball players, communication is extremely critical and essential especially during tournaments. From yelling to the fellow players for passing the message to discussing the strategy between the team, your mouthguard should be able to have all the above qualities.

Do take a quick look at the pros and cons of some of the known basketball mouthguards before you buy these. Despite the price, custom-fit mouthguards are most popular ones as these provide you complete protection. As per the cases of injures received in the basketball matches, more cases were registered of players who wore counter mouth guard over custom-fit mouth guards.

Conventional mouth guards are a good choice too provided you are able to bear its weight. These are bulky and not really too comfortable to wear. Being a basketball player, you deserve to have both, comfort as well as protection. The money that you would spend on a one-time investment for a good mouthguard will save you lots of money that you would otherwise spend at the dentist.

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