December 5, 2022 | 2:52 am
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Why Dope Movie is actually pretty Dope

Laced with hip-hop from the 90’s (and early 2000’s if you are paying attention) Dope tells the tale of three high school ‘geeks’ accidentally caught up in the life of drug distribution. Malcolm, Jib and Diggy are forced to navigate the minefield of gangsters, wannabe gangsters, preparing for college, searching for love while finding out exactly where they fit in the world.

Coming into the film I expected a cross between ‘The Wood’ and ‘Boyz in the Hood’ in an eclectic urban movie that I wasn’t sure would translate into enjoyment on the screen. My concerns were appeased roughly 10 minutes in and I was able to identify with the generally witty and sometimes comedic dialogue between the characters in the movie. By the way there was an obvious Easter egg regarding ‘The Wood’ which was a nice minor touch. There were times where some of the main characters’ social awkwardness was played up overtly in attempts at humor that missed but overall that can be forgiven.

Some could be concerned about the very adult situations these teenagers are faced with, especially in such a short amount of time with sex and drugs as such heavy themes that are prevalent throughout the movie. But in reflection these are choices that our youth and even most of us faced in some degree or fashion growing up.

Life does come at you fast and ‘Dope’ tackles many issues (some better than others) in just under two hours. What I enjoyed the most besides the soundtrack was the message that nobody is any just one thing. You can be a hip-hop dressing geek with interest in punk music, computers, science and general humanity. Your race or creed plays no part in that unless you allow it to be.

This Sundance Festival darling is a movie worth seeing and I am glad it got a theatrical release. Hopefully it will have returns in the box office befitting it’s title.


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